Your Summertime Curb Appeal Refresh

In terms of curb appeal, summer is the perfect time for a refresh. When winters in Ottawa last so long, it quite often leaves our homes looking unappealing if we don’t tend to them properly in the spring or summer months. Luckily, homeowners often take pride in caring for their lawns and ensuring their home’s outdoor appearance looks as great as it does inside. It’s almost fun to be able to get outside and clean up or elevate our outdoor space while we can.


You may also want to consider improving your curb appeal if you intend to sell your home. It can attract an influx of buyers and increase your home’s value. Afterall, first impressions are lasting in the world of real estate. Potential buyers now make almost instantaneous decisions on whether or not they find your home interesting based on what they see first. To ensure your home continues to look its absolute best, here are 5 ways that you can enhance your home’s curb appeal this summer.


Declutter Your Driveway

It doesn’t matter what you are cleaning, indoors or out, the first place to begin is with some serious decluttering. Take a look around your property and store away any items that look out of place. It is easy for things like sports equipment or garden tools to find new, temporary spots when someone doesn’t feel like putting them away, but leaving them out can make your property look messy and unorganized. Reel up your hoses, remove any broken or outdated decor, and store your tools in their proper place and your curb appeal will already be on its way up. 


Tend Your Garden

Ensuring your garden is clean and tended to can make it look vibrant all summer long. Begin by doing regular weeding and removing debris such as leaves, twigs, or trash that’s made its way into the garden bed. Add some mulch to deter weeds and keep the soil moist for the flowers to stay healthy. Trim your plants back to keep them from over-growing, and fill in any empty spaces with annuals that add a pop of colour where needed. Your tended gardens will have not only people with the same interests peeking and taking notes, but they will also turn the heads of admirers and inspire others to keep up with their gardens as well. 


Power Wash

If you don’t own a power washer, you can likely find one to rent from your local hardware store. Throughout the winter months, salt and dirt can accumulate and cause the outside of your home to look dingy or unappealing. Use your power washer to spray down your walkway, driveway, and the siding of your house and bring them back to life. While it might be tempting, avoid using your pressure washer on your windows and doors, as they can break or crack from the high pressure system. 

Landscape Essentials

Lawn care is an important part of curb appeal. If you have patchy grass, you can bet it is noticed by more than just yourself. Take care of your lawn and water it appropriately. Mid summer lawn care requires deep and infrequent watering, and overseeding of thinning grass or patchy spots. Ensure your shrubs are trimmed, gardens are maintained, and remove any weeds that appear on your lawn as they come up. You may also want to work along the edges of the driveway with a trimmer to give your landscaping a more professional touch. 


Enhance Your Porch

Lastly, take your front porch to a whole new level this summer by adding in some string lighting, changing up fixtures, painting your front door, refreshing your decor, and adding in some outdoor mats. If you have the room, you can consider moving in some cozy patio furniture to give you the perfect spot to enjoy your mornings with a hot cup of coffee before the kids wake up and the day officially begins. There are many great decor trends that you can find that will be sure to add a little bit of flare to an otherwise dull front porch.