Buying and selling Real Estate is something that has always felt very predictable with staging, open houses, private tours, inspections, signing documents and so on. When the pandemic of COVID-19 hit, because the market was still essential, in order to protect our clients, community and loved ones, we were challenged to revamp what we could consider normal business practices and create new innovative ways to buy and sell homes, and enhance our technology even further. While this has been a time of uncertainty, it has also been a time of growth as we adapt to new practices, improve our skills as remote workers, and enhance our ability to serve clients from anywhere in the world. “Business as UNusual” is certainly an accurate tagline, but remaining the same is our unwavering dedication and commitment to providing the highest level of service possible while ensuring the safety, health, and wellbeing of each and every client.

While we already have had experience in buying and selling homes online, we have really been able to take a digital leap to accommodate the times. We understand the importance now more than ever of delivering meaningful first impressions in the virtual world to ensure each home gets the attention it deserves. In addition, we are embracing the technology available to conduct meetings and sign documents all from the comfort of our own homes, saving you time and money. We believe that this new skillset, buying and selling Real Estate will become a transformative experience that is sure to promote accessibility, convenience, and mobility in all future transactions. 

It is important to us that we implement all precautionary measures set forth by the government of Ontario, and make improvements according to our own set of values. The following are just some of the practices that we have adopted to ensure we reduce any risk of exposure to our clients and community while continuing to deliver exceptional and essential services.



If any buyers, agents, or vendors require entry to the premises, they will be pre-screened for COVID-19 to ensure the risk of transmission is minimal. Additionally, we encourage all parties to utilize a virtual means of entry as opposed to physical, in-person tours to help to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy. 



As a precautionary measure, we have stopped hosting in-person open houses. Instead, we have designed virtual open-houses, 3D tours and have created detailed floor plans with the aim of allowing buyers to view the home as if they were inside, and ensure they have the measurements available to understand the space and layout of each property. 



We will be ensuring sanitation by providing hand sanitizer or making a hand washing station available for use on the premises. We will additionally provide masks upon request, and help homeowners secure other types of personal protective equipment they may request or require. If third-party vendors enter the property, we will instruct the owner of the property to leave the lights on and doors open to minimize contact with high touch surfaces as well as ensuring all touched surfaces are wiped down and sanitized before each vendor leaves. 



We will conduct meetings online, through video conferencing platforms, via telephone, or communicate through email. We have the ability to send feature sheets by email, and use online signature technology to review and sign documents with the aim to minimize the amount of face-to-face contact needed and reduce unnecessary exposure of the virus.

We understand that this might not be the way you envisioned your experience in Real Estate, but we want to assure you that we are experienced and well equipped to handle the situation at hand with comfort and ease. We look forward to meeting with you, and to guide you through your transaction in the safest and most effective way possible. For more information on what we are doing at Royal LePage Team Realty in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, click here.