Staging Your Home:

4 Reasons Why Staging is Essential in the Virtual Real Estate Market


Although the internet has played a key role in how homes have been bought and sold for years now, in the current climate, we rely even more heavily than we did previously on online tools that aid in Real Estate transactions. Everything from A to Z can be (and often is) done online. All home buyers begin their search online, making it crucial for each home to make a strong, lasting first impression. It is because of this new reality that home staging is even more important today than ever before. 

Staging a home so that it stands out in the market is a critical part in the selling process, and can contribute heavily to both the home’s listing and sold prices. It ensures that buyers see the home’s best features, under great lighting, to illustrate exactly what the property offers before having to step foot inside. Though buyers are often encouraged to focus more on the bones and structure of the home, it can be difficult to see through clutter, outdated furniture and decor, and personal items of the current occupants. Sellers have much to gain when it comes to preparing their home to list, especially now when the pressure is on to shine even brighter in the virtual Real Estate market of 2021. 

Here are 4 ways that staging will help you when listing your home for sale. 


Shows Potential

Staging a home appropriately can help buyers to identify which homes meet their needs quickly. Removing personal items and showing the home as a blank slate can help potential buyers to envision their life in the new walls, making them more likely to check out your home in greater detail, and ultimately, put in their offer. 


Increases Value

While you may have to dish out some pocket money to stage your home appropriately, you may find that deploying staging tactics will have a positive impact on the sale price. Many buyers are more likely to put in an offer on a home that is free of clutter, staged, and that showcases the best parts of the space because it is easier to see the best parts of the home without distraction. If a home is staged really well, the buyer may even ask to include the furniture in the purchase as well. 


Time On The Market

When homes are staged properly, they generally spend less time on the market. Some agents will use staging as a tactic to sell a home that has spent a lot of time waiting for a buyer to snatch it up. If buyers can see the potential of a home more clearly, they are often more likely to put in their offer before another party has the chance. 


Appearances Matter

When going through the process of staging your home, whether you are using a professional or doing it yourself, there are techniques you can use to gain positive attention to your space. By adding paint, increasing light, and removing clutter or placing furniture strategically, you can make your space look much more open and welcoming to potential buyers. First impressions matter, especially in the virtual world.