Major Developments in Ottawa: An Overview

In lieu of our country’s momentous anniversary this year, we’ve seen – and continue to see – several major developments and ongoing projects take place throughout our city. As residents of our Nation’s capital, we’re extremely fortunate to bear witness to these expansions as they build and re-shape the growth of our city. Here’s an overview of what people might be talking about in the news (or around your local watercoolers).

  1. Transit: a rather hot topic of conversation for Ottawa’s local residents and media channels alike. The O-Train Confederation Line, otherwise known as Ottawa’s LRT System, is the City’s largest transportation infrastructure development since the construction of our beloved Rideau Canal. Integrated with OC Transpo, the O-Train will connect to the already existing Transitway and extend from one end of our City to the other, upping the efficiency and making it easier for travelers to get to where they need to be
  2. Art and Entertainment: Nestled in the heart of Ottawa’s retail, arts and theatre district, stands the Ottawa Art Gallery and Arts Court. Both are currently undergoing elaborate redevelopment and expansion projects as they aim to reshape Ottawa’s downtown arts scene. According to Mayor Jim Watson, “this project marks the beginning of a new chapter in Ottawa’s cultural history. The progress [we’re seeing] is preparing the foundation of a long-standing vision for a municipal arts centre for the visual, performing, literary and media arts and for the revitalization of Ottawa’s downtown that will be celebrated for years to come”. Open in its entirety for public viewing in 2018, the new Ottawa Art Gallery and Arts Court will nonetheless become a central landmark for local artists and art enthusiasts alike.
  3. LeBreton Flats: For several years now there have talks on redeveloping Ottawa’s LeBreton Flats site. In correlation with the RendezVous LeBreton Group, the NCC plans to continue its negotiations toward agreeing upon the site’s future developments. Highlights include the potential for a new major events centre (with an 18,000-seat capacity), a community rink, and/or affordable housing.
  4. Health: The City of Ottawa has recently foreseen a need for redevelopment on one of our local hospitals, and it is with great recognition that the Ottawa Hospital’s Civic Campus will soon receive a $2-billion face lift. With this restoration project still being in its early stages of development, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact completion date; however, our City is working hard to finalize all the necessary details, and will soon move forward in further our City’s delivery of health care.

Ottawa has a lot of room and potential for expansion. And with the amount of major developments and redevelopments that our City is currently undertaking, we are able to foresee a growth, not only in our infrastructure, but also in our economy and in our population. A true change for the better.