Custom Built Homes vs. New Build CommunitiesCustom Built Homes vs. New Build Communities

The time has come for you and your family to purchase a home. And with the decision to purchase brand-new, you’re tossed between one that’s custom built, or one that’s part of a new-build community. To be fair, there are pros (and cons) in going down either route, which can inevitably make this decision seem a bit difficult at the beginning. Rest assured, however, we’re here to help guide you in a decision that’s best fit for you:

Custom Built Homes

Choosing a home that’s brand new, and specifically built to satisfy your customary needs has its long list of advantages. Of course, we must first keep in mind that by hiring a custom builder, you’ll naturally be risking a higher price point; on the other hand, however, these (often smaller) companies will always aim to offer you “the home of your dreams at a price that works [within your budget]”. Below are a few advantages of going with a custom builder when it comes to constructing the ultimate home you’ve been waiting for:

  1. Customized to your perfection: It goes without saying that hiring a custom home builder will, in turn, build you your customized home, carefully and diligently complete each task at hand to your satisfaction – unlike anything your neighbours have seen!
  1. Individualize your needs: A custom builder “offers an individualized approach that’s focused more on your unique needs” These are the types of workers that can empathize with you in order to truly gain a better understanding of what it is that you and your family are looking for.
  1. Lot and location: It’s known to be a competitive market out there – that much, we know. So, for a lot of homebuyer’s in today’s real estate world, the location of your newfound home is almost (if not, more) important the the home itself. By going with a custom home builder, you’re given the reigns on where you’d like to build your forever home.

New Build Communities

Purchasing within a new-build community, certainly has its perks as well. That said, however, if timing is something you don’t exactly have much of, perhaps going this route isn’t your best option. You see, when buying new (or “from plan”) your new home’s construction is scheduled, and usually takes months to complete. So, in this case, patience is everything, because once your home is built, it’s move-in ready.

  1. Choose your design and décor: By purchasing a new home, you get your choice of on-trend fixtures, features and finishes to suit your style. Further to this, a lot of new build communities offer homes with more natural light and other features that tailor to the modern homebuyer.
  2. Have some peace-of-mind: When you buy a new home in Ontario, your interests are protected by Tarion. In fact, Tarion exists to help protect homebuyers like you – ensuring that builders abide by the rules according to provincial legislation. As per Tarion requirements, you will conduct a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) of your new home. Ergo, peace-of-mind.
  1. Be part of a community: Whether you choose to purchase a new single-family home or condo, being a part of a new community could offer a long list of amenities and benefits for you and your growing family to enjoy. Among them, young families with children who your kids can grow up with, along with parks, walking trails, schools, etc. for the whole family to benefit from. 

Of course, the lists go on as they differ from homebuyer to homebuyer. The key to deciding whether to purchase a home from a custom home builder or within a new build community, is to weigh out your options, decide which is more suitable (financially and otherwise) for you and your family, and lastly, confide in your Realtor.