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Custom Built Homes vs. New Build Communities

Custom Built Homes vs. New Build Communities The time has come for you and your family to purchase a home. And with the decision to purchase brand-new, you’re tossed between one that’s custom built, or one that’s part of a new-build community. To be fair, there are pros (and cons) in going down either route, which can inevitably make this decision seem a bit difficult at the beginning. Rest assured, however, we’re here to help guide you in a decision that’s best fit for you: Custom Built Homes Choosing a home that’s brand new, and specifically built to satisfy your
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Beating the Winter Blues

It’s winter time in our Nation’s Capital! The New Year is well underway, and as we’ve carefully selected our resolutions (and have spent the majority of these last few weeks trying to abide by them) we reminisce on the post-joys of Christmas and the excitement of a New Year. However, regardless the amount of joy in our hearts and happiness in our homes, the cold weather tends to overstay its welcome far too often. Admit it, we’ll soon catch ourselves wishing for less snow, warmer weather, and oodles upon oodles of sunshine. Wishful thinking, I’ll say. Truth is, we live
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