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Custom Built Homes vs. New Build Communities

Custom Built Homes vs. New Build Communities The time has come for you and your family to purchase a home. And with the decision to purchase brand-new, you’re tossed between one that’s custom built, or one that’s part of a new-build community. To be fair, there are pros (and cons) in going down either route, which can inevitably make this decision seem a bit difficult at the beginning. Rest assured, however, we’re here to help guide you in a decision that’s best fit for you: Custom Built Homes Choosing a home that’s brand new, and specifically built to satisfy your
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Celebrating Canada’s 150: An Update on Infrastructure

Celebrating Canada’s 150: An Update on Infrastructure With the celebration of our country’s 150th birthday underway, it’s been a year of revamping, rebuilding, and restoring our Nation’s Capital. Of course, we’re no stranger to the massive LRT project that has been on a steady uphill slope toward completion – but what else? What more can we except to see as our City’s infrastructure changes for the better? Understandably, we’ve hit a milestone year – how exciting, Canada! Needless to say, it’s a perfectly ideal time to make a few necessary changes to Ottawa’s groundwork. Sure, there have probably been a
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Canada Celebrates 150 Years!

  The milestone has arrived – our country’s 150th year. What better time than now to stand proud and represent our Nation as a united community? We are very fortunate to be living in Ottawa – our Capital. We’ve certainly come a long way since our founders first settled here 190 years ago. Originating as Bytown, Ottawa was initially built to house labourers who had been recruited to help build the Rideau Canal. Times have changed between then and now. We are no longer considered the “town that fun forgot” nor are we solely known for being “the highway to Montreal“.
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